Replays API - allow saving camera capture (input) to the same extended video file OR a separate video file (not on top of the gaming footage)

Captain obvious:
Capturing camera input is a common use case when capturing game play with OBS, usually used by streamers…

HOWEVER having it stored to an extended video file is not something that is usually done, the main use case is having the camera on top of the game play video.
Since we want to allow the users to choose post game, if they want their reaction on the specific gameplay or not, this behavior is not what we are after. Instead we need the following behavior which is supported by OBS:

Which means:

  1. Double the width of the OBS canvas and output file, meaning the resolution for FHD highlight should be 3840 X 1080
  2. Place the camera input on one half of the extended video and the gameplay on the other half.

Bonus (all dreams come true request): Assuming that after recording with OBS the API already runs certain manipulations on the video with ffmpeg, it would be helpful having this extended video file being saved into 2 separate (but perfectly synced) video files of 1920 X 1080 each, by cropping the extended file with ffmpeg.

  • impact for my app: [low, mid, high, show-stopper]. mid
  • What is your current pain point? We are after creating gaming clips full of personality with 0 effort from the user’s end, we are missing the gamer’s face while playing the game and reacting on it.
  • What do you have in mind to solve it? OBS is already running in the background recording the game highlights, having use’rs face footage in perfect sync with the gameplay (since it was recorded by the same OBS process) will allow us to create clips full of personality with maximum ease.

Hey @mazalex, your request was added to our backlog. I’ll contact you in case we’ll need more details.

an update: the ETA is OW v0.159 (~5-6 week).

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We would like to provide the camera video as a separate file (not extending the obs canvas), just wanted to make sure it’s fine with you.

@itayG Sure, camera capture being saved in a separate file is the best we could ask for.

I assume you double check the performance impact of such an action compared to saving it to an extended obs canvas.

One last thing, would you keep the same naming convention as with the highlights and the camera capture that is coupled to it? Something like {highlight_file_name}_camera.mp4 for example if an highlight file name is: VALORANT 09-16-2020 22-47-37-135.mp4 then it’s camera capture file would be named: VALORANT 09-16-2020 22-47-37-135_camera.mp4

@mazalex Thanks.

Regarding the naming convention, I will pass this request to the R&D.

@eransharv any chance it can be tested in developers channel already?

@mazalex Unfortunately, no, as the current developer’s channel is 0.157, and this feature is planned for iteration 0.159.


Hey @eransharv, the initial ETA was up to 6 weeks which is over sometime this week I think. Could you please share an alternative ETA, since we already developed and tested our side and ready for final integration test and launch.

@mazalex checking. Thanks.

Hey, we’re still working on it. ETA for a test version is next week.

@itayG thanks for the update, can you please share an ETA for prod?