[Valorant] Game Crashes while running Overwolf

Related app/team name (not a must if you want to keep it private): Insights Capture

Issue Description:
We have users that are experiencing Valorant crashing while Overwolf’s running. Only the game crashes and not Overwolf or Insights Capture. Users have experienced crashing while Insights Capture was running BUT NOT recording and while Insights Capture was running AND recording. We have been collecting logs as much as we can from these users which are attached below. We have confirmed with a few of our users that they experienced Valorant crashing with ONLY Overwolf running as well.

All we need is help on finding some helpful info that would cause Valorant crashing while Overwolf/Insights Capture is running.

Key Findings from logs:

  • There isn’t a hardware pattern
  • Not tied to a specific Windows version

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce): No

Impact for my app: [e.g. x% of the users complained about it, it’s a show-stopper]
2 feedbacks a day regarding Valorant crashing.

Do you currently have a workaround?
No, we tell them to restart and reinstall which didn’t help.

Please reproduce and attach a zip package of your OW client logs
user1-valorant-and-overwolf-logs.zip (2.2 MB)
user2-valorant-and-overwolf-logs.zip (3.1 MB)
user3-overwolf-logs.zip (529.7 KB)
user4-overwolf-logs.zip (2.8 MB)

More logs are available upon request.

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Thanks for reporting, we will investigate this issue.

Do you know a user that is able to reproduce this crash?

Yes we do! We have a couple users on our Discord who have been helpful enough to provide their logs, and help test some theories on the issue.

If they’re not busy, I’m sure they’d be willing to help debug (:

Just adding on here as we find out more on our end-

One of our power users has started to crash as well, the interesting thing is that when they crashed in Valorant they said:

it doesnt even like close valorant properly
it keeps it running in the background
and i can hear my teammates ingame
but the window is gone

Implying that only the display window Valorant was running in closed.

Now I don’t much at all about how Overwolf internally works, so I’ll save my theories for another day, but hopefully this point the investigation in the right direction (:

If needed I can also acquire both their Valorant and Overwolf logs, along with any other information that might help the investigation!

@Aud, yes, please - If you can get the power user logs, that will be great.


Of course, here’s all of the ones we have! I’d shoot it over as one big zip but Google Drive bricks every time I try, and I’m afraid it might be more trouble than it’s worth to download and repackage all 12 sets.

I’ll also add on any more that we get as the week progresses.









Unknown, their name got lost since it’s been awhile




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@Aud Thanks! We will check it and update you here.

Do you have this user’s logs?

@Aud Hey,

We suspect that it’s related to the insight GG recording app. We are not sure, but can you please check with 2-3 users if they installed this OW capture app. If they did, please ask them if they can uninstall it and try to reproduce the issue.


Hey @Aud ,

Can you please private message me on slack (name is shargaas).
I have a debugging plugin I want to send you that might solve this issue.