Fortnite is not consistently reporting the player rank

Issue Description:

See the documentation per rank in Fortnite here:

Rank: “The player’s rank at the end of the match”

However, we’ve encountered multiple scenarios where this is not true:

  • When exiting the game early, rank is reported as ‘null’
  • (Intermittent) when the player completes a match, rank reported as ‘null’
  • (Intermittent) when the player completes a match, rank is never reported.

Exiting the game early includes:

  • Exiting the game through the menus
  • Closing the game from the menus
  • Tapping ALT+F4 on the keyboard to force-close the game
  • Game crash

Completing a match includes:

  • The player is killed by another player
  • The player obtains 1st place (aka wins)

In an ideal situation the rank would always be reported, regardless of the scenario. It’s always visibly present on the UI near the top-right of the screen, below the map.

Additionally issues where players completed a match or rank was just never reported at all causes significant issues when trying to record accurate data.

Steps to reproduce:

Per most events outlined above, just exit the game before the match ends. You’ll see rank reported as ‘null’.

Currently there’s no set steps to reproduce the intermittent issues where a completed match returns rank of null or rank is not reported at all. It’s very inconsistent.

Impact for my app:


Please attach a zip package of your logs

Due to the difficulty of reproducing the latter issues, we’ve not yet been able to obtain logs with this occurring. But we’ll append this the moment we can. We just wanted to make you aware so we can double up effort to reproduce and fix this issue.

@JackpotRising I changed the category of this item to “feature request” and added this FR to our tasks: the rank would always be reported.

I will notify you when I’ll know the ETA.

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