Rocket League victory / defeat events don't work consistently

Issue Description:
Rocket League victory / defeat events don’t work consistently

Steps to reproduce:
Simply play a few matches of Rocket League, the victory/defeat events won’t always fire when a match finishes.

Impact for my app: mid

Do you currently have a workaround? no…

Please reproduce and attach a zip package of your OW client logs
The exact time the issues happens in the logs is at 2020-06-02 19:37:37 in “MainWindow.html.15”
You can see a match has ended (properly) but none of the “victory” / “defeat” events has been (65.4 KB)

Please re-create the issue and send us a proper log file with the following method:

Here are more detailed logs - the issue happened at 20:45 (local time in the log)
A match has ended and the “matchEnd” event has been fired, but no defeat / victory event has been fired. (723.3 KB)


We got a bug open for this issue, and hopefully we’ll get it fixed soon.

Thank you