GEP not triggering kill events for certain user

Related Games: Apex Legends
Related app/team name: Predator
Issue Description: Kill events are not triggered for a certain user.
Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce): not reproducible on our machines.

GEP does not trigger kill\knockdown events for one of our users. had a look on his logs and i see this “unsupported HUD info” thing that keeps popping up on his log every time there should be an event.

(INFO) </games/apex_legends/plugin.js> (:107) - [APEX PLUGIN] Unsupported HUD info: [object Object] Unsupported centered message: Eliminated `1GuntherFNieDGGer.

(INFO) </games/apex_legends/plugin.js> (:107) - [APEX PLUGIN] Unsupported HUD info: [object Object] Unsupported centered message: Eliminated 1idontlikekids69. 316`2 Damage Inflicted.

added his logs file - a quick search for these strings (or part of it, like the eliminated player name) will jump you right into action… OverwolfLogs_2020-12-29_14-23-17 (1).zip (2.7 MB)

and the best part! you even have the video of that log :wink: so you can see the HUD message was there and actually looked fine.

Hi @boazrl ,

We found the bug, and we are discussing internally on the solution.
The root cause is the fact that you are using a French client. Can you please move to English client and re-check?


im not using the french client… my french client is using a french client :slight_smile:
ill ask him if he can jump ship - and im sure it will fix it :slight_smile:
can you please update me on the progress of the fix when possible?
thx for the super quick debug!
ill update you once i get his answer (he is a very communicative user, so it will be np)

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Heya Eran,
Japanese user this time - same issue and guessing the rest of the guys are just too shy to complain.
not sure if for you it is exactly the same fix… so adding his logs. (1.9 MB)

searching for:
Unsupported centered message: 1Toripuru_Take0を撃破.

would bring you right to the point.
and yes 撃破 (“Gekiha”) is eliminated :smiley:

hey @boazrl

We’re actually aware of this. the Support team approached us with a Japanese user aswell last Thursday.

We suspect it has something to do with the new changes to game UI. it looks like Japanese users still have the old game UI and have not changed to the current version.
We documented this bug, we hope to resolve it in the future.