I have configured only kill event in highlights but it is capturing the kill,death,assist too

here is the turn on setting.
log of onHighlightsCaptured

Is it possible to capture only kill event through auto highlights?

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.



I run some tests. I used Rocket League, but that works the same in all the games, including Valorant.

When I choose to capture all the events:

highlights: {
    enable: true, 
    requiredHighlights: ["*"], 

I did get all the highlights captured - like opposing team goal, team goal, etc.

When I choose specific event:

highlights: {
    enable: true, 
    requiredHighlights: ["goal"], 

I got only that event. Of course, I used the reply API.

Please make sure you are looking at the same match. Also, please check if you can see the actual capture videos for all the events. Or just for the event that you “choose”.


Have you tested with multiple apps. I mean one app configured with “Goal” Highlights and another with all highlights. What would be the behavior.
It would capture all the highlights irrespective of the configuration applied in the first app.

If that is your issue, so please tell me the exact steps to reproduce:

  • Describe which capture apps I should install and describe if any app config is needed.
  • Describe the exact steps and code to do, which game, what to do in the game, etc.
  • Attach your logs.zip package.


Game Name Valorant
I have installed Fuze.tv here is the settings.

I have applied Kill,Assist,Death,Victory
I am creating another application with autohiglights enabled and with following settings
“highlights”: {
“enable”: true,
“requiredHighlights”: [“kill”]
“settings”: {
“gif_as_video”: false,
“max_quota_gb”: 2,
“video”: {
“auto_calc_kbps”: true,
“fps”: 30,
“width”: 1920,
“height”: 1080,
“max_kbps”: 100,
“buffer_length”: 1000,
“frame_interval”: 30,
“test_drop_frames_interval”: 100,
“notify_dropped_frames_ratio”: 30,
“max_file_size_bytes”: 10000000,
“include_full_size_video”: false,
“override_overwolf_setting”: true,
“disable_when_sht_not_supported”: false,
“indication_position”: overwolf.streaming.enums.IndicationPosition.BottomLeftCorner,
“indication_type”: overwolf.streaming.enums.IndicationType.DotAndTimer,
“use_app_display_name”: false
}, console.log);
Use this autohighlights listener
overwolf.media.replays.onHighlightsCaptured.addListener(function (info) {
overwolf.extensions.io.writeTextFile(overwolf.extensions.io.enums.StorageSpace.pictures, “onHighlightsCaptured”, JSON.stringify(info, null, 2),

OK. But you didn’t describe the issue: what you expect and what actually happened. (i.e., I would expect that my app will capture only the kill event, but instead, my app captured all the events like death, kill, etc.).

And of course, as I mentioned - please reproduce and send me the logs zip. (support package).
With the exact time frame of the session, I will be able to check whatever is needed.