Issue with match_type in Hearthstone API


I am trying to find the match type in the info.match_info, is this correct?

When I look inside of the info variable passed through, the match_type dosnt seem to be present at all.

Here is a screenshot of the events after playing two games back to back:

On the first game, it doesn’t seem to look for match_type until the game is ended, but on the second game, it gives me the type before the match_start event is triggered.

I have also downloaded your hearthstone events sample app and it doesn’t work on their either.


I’ll give you a plugin that will help us debug this in case this is 100% reproducible on your machine. Perhaps that way we can understand better how to handle this.

Thank you!

How will you be sending the plugin?

Here, you can click the zip and take it. Instructions on how to use it below: (282.6 KB)

This is what you need to do:

  1. Open Overwolf settings
  2. Go to “About” tab
  3. Click “Developer Options”
  4. Open “Overwolf Games Events Provider” via the UID under it.
  5. Go to plugins/64 folder and paste the dll there - overwriting the current one.

Once you use this one and the situation still persists - make sure you go to Overwolf log folder (AppData\Local\Overwolf\Log), there you will find a ‘gep_plugin.log’ file which you need to send over to us.

Let me know if you need anything else.

I followed your instructions, after copying the dll, there was no file to overwrite.

I could not find the gep_plugin.log file in the location specified.

But after running both my application and the sample application, I found that the match_type was still being sent as null.

You’re right it’s my bad, I accidentally told you to put it in the 64 folder when hearthstone is 32.

just do the same thing and put the plugin in the 32 folder (go 1 folder backwards).

No worries, replaced the file, found the same result on both apps again.

gep_plugin file attached.gep_plugin.log (212.5 KB)


We’ll take a look and update you soon

Hey again,

Could you please send your entire Overwolf log folder?


It’s (1012.2 KB)

@Shargaas any progress on this?

Hey @ge0r9e,
I went over the logs you sent and it looks like that the Hearthstone power.log file was missing in one of the matches (this is why we couldn’t detect the current “match_type”)

In the next match, this file was found and “match_type” was provided correctly:

Any idea why this file was missing?

I’m not too sure why this would be happening, so for the first game, the log is not created? but for the second game, it is?

I appreciate this probably isn’t your issue, but do you know what might help with this?

The best way for you to help us would be for you to find out an exact scenario that makes this happen.

Meaning if you changed anything with the Hearthstone folder / I don’t know, anything that might affect the power.log in some way.
It’s hard for us to do anything because it’s a file that’s created by HS itself.

Perhaps a good place to start would be to re-install HS and see if this continues to happen for you.

I have re-installed Hearthstone and followed these steps:

  1. Ran the Hearthstone event application

  2. Loaded Hearthstone

  3. Played a game in ranked mode - No match_type was found

  4. I then went straight into another game - match_type was found

Between the first and second game, nothing was changed, neither the game or the OW app was restarted, the conditions seem identical.

I managed to reproduce this after deleting my own power.log file.

It cannot detect the first match_type until it creates a new file.

I will open a bug on this. Hopefully we’ll fix it in the near future.

Great! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Is there some way I can be notified on the progress of this bug?

I’ll do my best to update you here as soon as there are any changes.

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Has there been any progress on this issue? I am still encountering it.

I apologize for not updating here like promised.

We opened a bug on this and it is within our backlog.

It was not fixed yet, but its within our priorities.