LOL wrong game events are sent when reconnecting an ongoing match

How to reproduce:

  1. Start a match
  2. Die 2 times
  3. Shut the game down (end task)
  4. Reconnect to the match

We get a “death” event right at the start with count 2:
Got Game Event: {"events":[{"name":"death","data":"{\r\n \"count\": \"2\"\r\n}"}]}
We get this event before matchStart, and it’s not that we had died 2 times since we reconnected.

Only get game events when the events happen.
It’s impossible for us to know this is not a “real” death event.
P.S. this will also happen for assist/kill etc (913.4 KB)

Impact: high

Reconnection to an ongoing match might result our events to be fired again / not fire at all (depends on the game)

We think that this scenario is quite rare and shouldn’t be fully supported by GEP (since there are endless problematic scenarios to handle and to maintain)

My suggestion for you is detecting that a re-connection had occurred (“GameInfoUpdatedEvent”) and decide how the app should react to it (don’t show this match / merge it with the previous one, ignore the first events, etc.)