overwolf.settings.getAudioCaptureSettings: Add all the settings from ow client

  • Feature Description:
    Include the selected audio devices and volume to the settings response

  • impact for my app: [low, mid, high, show-stopper].
    high - right now it is possible that users change the setting in overwolf client, but having to additionally or instead to change it in our app.
    Our app settings take priority when setting up recording, so this might lead to a bugged experience.

  • What is your current pain point?
    We want to make sure we sync our settings with the OW client when user changes their recording devices / settings (in the ow client) to prevent confusion and bugged experiences.
    Right now this is not possible and User’s need to pay attention to change the settings only in the app or in both places if they want to change them.

  • What do you have in mind to solve it?
    Two possible solutions:

  1. simply add the values to the settings API call
    and pottentially 2) make it possible for apps to change the ow client sound capture settings so they change if user changes them within the APP

Hey @eransharv, just want to ask if this is something you guys might think about :slight_smile:

Hi, we’ll process this internally and update you.

when you start the game capture you can control set and override the Overwolf default setting.
allowing to change it from api, can cause issue when you have multple recorind app’s.

also you can directly open the overwolf sound setting from you application

Our use case it that we give users the option to set their recording settings within the app.
So we would like to update those settings if they make changes within the overwolf client.
We can not do that right now, because we are not able to RECEIVE (not CHANGE) all relevant settings from overwolf.

So right now its possible that a user changes something in the overwolf client like the recording device, expecting that to be used for all apps. But bc we can not update our app settings with that, there will be unexpected behaviour in this situation.

i have similar needs: more power controlling audio and recording settings at app level, also because a lot of users dont know how to change them from Overwolf settings, they barely know they exists.

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