R6 player leaving gives the wrong roster id

Noticed this yesterday when someone left in the enemy team and a random person got remeved from our team. So after the second encounter we decided to log out the raw value from when a player leaves and we saw that the events gives the wrong roster id when a person leaves.

Time it happened: between 2021-01-04 : 21.00-23.00.
It happened every game and we where 2 players with the exact same problem.

Some stuff we logg out:
player joined “El-Pouleto, 9”
player left “El-Pouleto, 9” / playerLeft “9”
playerUpdate “{“name”:“El-Pouleto”,“team”:“Orange”,“is_local”:false,“operator”:0,“kills”:0,“deaths”:0,“score”:60,“health”:0}”

In real life El-Pouleto never left and the playerUpate events is after the playerLeft event. So something is not adding up.

Logs: OverwolfLogs_2021-01-04_22-57-54.zip (901.4 KB)

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Some more info:

See logs from 12:02:00 to 12:02:05.
OverwolfLogs_2021-01-05_12-06-04.zip (2.5 MB)

roster_1 is a player called Mikkel-SM

But when Mikkel-SM actually leaves the match, the GEP says that a player named Endoff.- left.
All of a sudden Endoff.- is in roster_1 and then roster_9 becomes NULL.

But then Endoff.- is in roster_9 again even though he supposedly just left.

There’s definitely something strange, as the roster_X numbers seem to change irrespective of the player names.

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Hey guys, we managed to reproduce this issue.

Already working on a fix. Should hopefully be out within a day or so to the most (i hope).

Any update on this?
It’s really messing with my app’s stats, and damaging its reputation as the stats it tracks are now often confused in strange ways.

It seems the roster_id does strange stuff even if players don’t leave and come back, see the last match in this log: OverwolfLogs_2021-01-08_21-27-27.zip (3.4 MB)

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We started rolling out a fix for this just this moment.
Should be phased 100% in a few hours. Keep us posted if the issue remains persistent.

The new fix is now available to all users (GEP 161.1.1)

I’m closing the ticket now. If it’s not working as expected or any other issue, please mention me here, and I reopen it.