Test subscription plan seems not working

Related app/team name (not a must if you want to keep it private): Trucky Overlay
Issue Description:
My devrel created a subscription plan in test status and i’ve added myself as subscriber. But if i execute overwolf.profile.subscriptions.getActivePlans() the result is always plans = null also if success is true.
I’ve tried to logout and login, to restart Overwolf and adding “Profile” as permission in manifest.json
The plan ID is 50.

Do you currently have a workaround?

Please reproduce and attach a zip package of your OW client logs
Please mention the time of the event so we can find it easily in the logsOverwolfLogs_2020-12-10_16-54-33.zip (527.3 KB)

turns out i’ve added the wrong username into dev console (but the console let me to)…
i’ve added “dowmeister” which is my username shown in Overwolf client but from logs i’ve discovered that my username is shardick (which could be correct, i guess)

Thanks and sorry for the wasted time

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