createVideoComposition returning not helpful generic "Composition Error" and looks to be using a wrong file

Related app/team name (not a must if you want to keep it private): Insights Capture

Issue Description:
A user is trying to split a video clip. We are using the createVideoComposition API to do it. The error that we receive is “Composition error”, which doesn’t really tell us what went wrong.

Looking at the Overwolf trace logs there are multiple errors like the one below

2022-01-24 16:56:16,206 (INFO) [okmoh ID 47][15036] VideoFile - Trimming C:\Users\umaga\OneDrive\Desktop\VALORANT\insights capture\valorant 01-24-2022_16-14-50-507.mp4 from 1874000 to 1914000
2022-01-24 16:56:20,807 (ERROR) [46][5364]  <168.23MB> VideoFile - Did not complete ffmpeg operation successfully
2022-01-24 16:56:20,808 (WARN) [46][5364]  VideoFile - Did not complete ffmpeg operation successfully [timeout False ()] [exitcode:1

But in our background.html.logs the errors don’t have the same file name.

2022-01-24 16:56:16,367 (ERROR) </static/js/main.81c96e68.chunk.js> (:1) - Error creating clip. Composition error [
    "success": false,
    "status": "error",
    "reason": "Composition error",
    "error": "Composition error",
    "url": "overwolf://media/videos/Insights+Capture/VideoCompilation+01-24-2022_16-56-16-168.mp4",
    "path": "C:\\Users\\umaga\\OneDrive\\Desktop\\VALORANT\\Insights Capture\\VideoCompilation 01-24-2022_16-56-16-168.mp4"

In fact all the Overwolf trace logs seems to use the file “valorant 01-24-2022_16-14-50-507.mp4”, but none of our background.html logs show that file being used when createVideoComposition API throws an error.

The user said they installed new Nvidia driver that released today, Jan 24, 2022, and then this issue started happening. I’m not sure how related this is though.

We need some help identifying what the exact issue here is. It would also help if the error gave a little more details.

The logs are attached below.

Please reproduce and attach a zip package of your OW client logs

There are multiple times where this happens on Jan 24, 2022. The errors can be found in the background.html.logs and searching for “Error creating clip”, like in the above code block.

The same corresponding error in the Overwolf trace files can be found by searching for the text in the first code block.

OverwolfLogs_2022-01-24_22-59-37- composition (2.8 MB)

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Hi, can you please send me the origin video file and the paramters you are using when calling
createVideoComposition ?

So the user that experienced the ‘Composition Error’ said

I fixed this issue with disable all guards at Advanced System Care.

I believe the user is talking about this