Wrong capture resolution

The user complains his files are being generated as 1440p even though he set it on 1080…
he tried restarting OW and even rebooting
his logs are attached, but here is a part that might lead you to the issue

it first loads and says
23:16:30.374(INFO)[4b90]: ---------------------------------
23:16:30.374(INFO)[4b90]: ow-obs video settings reset:
23:16:30.374(INFO)[4b90]: base resolution: 1920x1080
23:16:30.374(INFO)[4b90]: output resolution: 1920x1080
23:16:30.374(INFO)[4b90]: fps: 30

and just 1 second after
23:16:31.147(INFO)[4b90]: Handle command 3 (1)
23:16:31.147(INFO)[4b90]: ---------------------------------
23:16:31.147(INFO)[4b90]: ow-obs video settings reset:
23:16:31.147(INFO)[4b90]: base resolution: 2560x1440
23:16:31.147(INFO)[4b90]: output resolution: 2560x1440
23:16:31.147(INFO)[4b90]: fps: 60
23:16:31.184(INFO)[4b90]: ---------------------------------
23:16:31.184(INFO)[4b90]: video settings reset:
23:16:31.184(INFO)[4b90]: base resolution: 2560x1440
23:16:31.184(INFO)[4b90]: output resolution: 2560x1440
23:16:31.184(INFO)[4b90]: downscale filter: Bicubic
23:16:31.184(INFO)[4b90]: fps: 60/1
23:16:31.184(INFO)[4b90]: format: NV12
23:16:31.184(INFO)[4b90]: YUV mode: 601/Partial

User tested this on Predator and Outplayed
would be very thankful for some support on the matter :smiley:OverwolfLogs_2021-02-16_00-19-49 (1).zip (878.9 KB)

We have a fix planned for client version 168 (167+168 will be the same version).

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